HGV-IVA La Revolution!

ALPHERA Financial Services has long been a supporter of innovation and pushing the boundaries around the art of the possible, so, like the rest of the industry, we took note when the Tesla Semi was announced.

The Tesla Semi is set to revolutionise the way in which cargo is transported, providing a much safer, greener and economic solution for moving goods via the road network. Offering a never-seen-before driver experience, the Semi boasts a game-changing level of connectivity, remote monitoring and the ability to platoon with other trucks, where it can autonomously follow a human-driven Semi.

Tesla also hopes to lower the cost of ownership, delivering savings in energy costs, performance, efficiency and reliability. With production scheduled to begin in 2019, it might not be long until we see a very different type of HGV on our roads.

With a lot of change taking place in the transport sector at the moment, we are already looking forward to the exciting developments to come over the next few years.

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Credit image to: https://www.tesla.com/semi/