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Engineered for the motor industry

Our comprehensive finance product range is designed specifically for motorcycle and car sales.

Most of our finance solutions can be adapted to meet the needs of your customers, and we’ll collaborate to develop contacts with real impact.


Why it's good for your customers

A Personal Contract Hire (PCP) solution, ALPHERA Select is our most popular car finance product. Why? Because it provides your customers with a number of options at the end of their agreement and helps to make the car or motorcycle of choice more affordable for buyers.

The key lies in Select’s ‘Guaranteed Future Value’ (GFV) feature. It essentially gives your customers more car for their money.

They’ll have the freedom to defer a proportion of the vehicle’s total value, to be paid at the end of the agreement. So, they have the flexibility to add more options to their chosen model or to upgrade to a higher specification – all within budget. Alternatively, they can choose to simply pay less per month.

It’s a much more friendly and affordable channel than typical hire purchase contracts.

Why it's good for you

Products like ALPHERA Select can help to open up new customer groups by allowing a more flexible approach than some traditional finance products.

In our experience, dealers are seeing PCP as not only a great way to sell new and used cars and motorcycles, but also a really strong retention tool, helping customers return to you when they are in the market for their next vehicle.

For more information on the product itself, head on over to our ALPHERA Select PCP page.

ALPHERA Hire Purchase

Why it's good for your customers

ALPHERA Hire Purchase allows customers to spread the cost of their vehicle over an agreed period of time, with fixed regular payments. At the end of the term, the customer keeps the car or can part-exchange the vehicle for a new one. It’s simple, straightforward and hassle-free.

Why it's good for you

Because our plans can be tailor-made based on client deposit, how much they wish to pay monthly, and how long they’d like the agreement to last, you’ll benefit from fully-satisfied customers who are highly likely to return when they’re in the market for their next purchase or loan.

For more information on the product itself, head on over to our ALPHERA Hire Purchase page.

ALPHERA Commercial Finance

Why it's good for you

Financially competitive, flexible and easy to use, our commercial finance solutions have been developed to increase your cash flow management and stocking visibility, ensuring you have greater control over stocking costs and maximising business efficiency.

Learn more over on our dedicated Commercial funding page.

And that's not all

We also offer many other financing options, such as Contract Hire, Finance Lease and Balanced Payments. And we can of course, structure new products or campaigns to suit your business and customer needs.

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