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ALPHERA Financial Services, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a unique event and the completion of a hard-hitting industry report.

The AlpheraSense experience took more than 60 guests on an exclusive sensory journey across five different locations as the Alphera story was brought to life in an informative, fun and memorable manner.




With entrepreneurial speakers from the arts, music and hospitality sectors, combined with collaborative workshops, strong business messages and powerful networking opportunities, the event took place in Shoreditch on December 8th.




Alphera encouraged guests to participate in a variety of sensory experiences, including a trip to the cinema to watch a pre-filmed movie about Alphera’s story to date.

They also worked with a DJ in a recording studio to develop a play list, promoting the importance of listening to forward-thinking ideas and sharing these with colleagues. A sculpting workshop with professional artists brought the sense of touch to life and a pop-up restaurant was the venue for an immersive taste and smell experience where guests designed the menu for an elaborate dinner at the luxurious Courthouse Hotel later that evening.



“We certainly didn’t expect to spend the day doing graffiti, preparing a meal or meeting a rally driver; but the message from all of these activities was clear. We all need to be challenging ourselves to think differently to meet the needs of the future car buyer. Alphera has put a real stake in the ground to show that it will be with us on that journey.”

Brian Morrison, MD of Morrison Motors.

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